Teh Tarik Masala


Teh Tarik Masala

Where I come from, tea is popularly served in a glass, sweetened with condensed milk topped with a froth  normally achieved by pouring the tea from a height in a stream. It is known as teh tarik. On a particularly hot day some people actually asked for it served with ice. I grew up with teh tarik. I used to love the creaminess of it.  However later my life,  I find I could no longer stand its sickly sweetness because of the amount of condensed milk  added to the tea to give it the right colour. Plus when you are married to a diabetic, you need to watch your sugar intake.

Then I met Bashiran who introduced me to a different kind of teh tarik. It is still milky and creamy like the original teh tarik but I can choose how much sweetening I prefer or not at all. You can even have a froth using the same method as teh tarik.  The addition of spices gave it a whole new dimension. Thanks Bashiran.


1 mug of milk

1 mug of water

4 cardamom seeds

a pinch of fennel seeds

a slice of ginger smashed (optional)

a small shard of cinnamon

sugar to taste (optional)

2 tea bags


Mix the liquids in a milk pan. Add the spices and ginger if using. Bring to the boil. Once boiled, lower the heat and cook for a few more minutes. Strain the liquid into two mugs. Dip a tea bag in each mug and let it brew to the desired strength.  

Add sugar to taste, (or not at all).  Enjoy!!

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