Swift Chicken Fingers in Beds of Lettuce

This dish is swift indeed. OK so I cheat using ready made spice. I saw a picture in a magazine somewhere. I can’t remember what is anymore. Suitable for a quick late supper snack or opening meal when breaking your fast. Its is filling but light enough that you won’t feel bloated.


1 chicken breast

1 gem lettuce heart

Schwartz Cajun Spice

drizzle of groundnut oil

salt and pepper


Serves 2

Heat the griddle over the stove. Beat the chicken breast using a meat hammer until flattened. Rub the chicken breast with the cajun spice. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle the groundnut oil on both side of the chicken breast. Fry the chicken breast in the griddle for over medium to high heat for 3 min on both sides.

Meanwhile tear the lettuce leaves individually from the heart. Wash and dry the leaves. Arrange the leaves on a serving dish. Once the chicken is done, chop into long fingers. Place each chicken finger on a lettuce leaf. Then drizzle over the mayonnaise.



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